Assignment Alert

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Let us know about an assignment!Teachers and Homeschoolers                 

If your students are preparing for an assignment that requires them to use the library's resources please take some time to inform us.  This allows us to prepare for their questions resulting in better services to them.  It also allows us to put together a temporary collection, which gives all your students a chance to view our materials. 

          Please provide the following contact information:

Teacher's Name
Name of School
Work Phone

How would you like us to contact you to confirm your alert?

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Assignment Dates:     

From:         To:

Brief Description of Assignment (Include student's copy of assignment if available by cutting and pasting the information into the box below from a word processing program or by faxing a copy to the library at 740-852-3691 ):

If you have any questions just send a message to or  Mary Anne Wood  (Youth Services Coordinator) or call the library at 740-852-9543. 

Please send information at least 10 days prior to start of the assignment.