New Members of Central Library Consortium

The London Public Library is now part of the Central Library Consortium.  The consortium is a partnership between 14 public libraries in Central Ohio.  
The consortium allows each library to integrate its catalog into one system so that patrons from all partnering libraries may share materials.  Each library still retains ownership of its materials, they are simply available for other systems to borrow and vice versa.
The new partnership allows the London Public Library to expand its in house borrowing from 45,000 items to over 4 million items, all of which will be accessible through the catalog.  
How does CLC work for me?
The library’s catalog will look the same as it does. When you do a search for a title or subject, a list of items will be displayed on the screen. 
The London Public Library’s offerings will be listed at the top of the screen with suggestions from other libraries following.  If you want something in London’s collection you can simply go and grab it off the shelf or if it is not in - you will place a request for it.  
If London does not own a copy, the system will look for the best location from the other libraries and it will be shipped to London, typically within a day or two.
The main difference is that you will see a larger selection of available materials and you will get them a lot faster than our former system of inter-loaning materials.  You will also be able to renew items via the catalog and your library account, eliminating a call to the library.  The new system allows you to have more control with your loaning abilities. 
CLC Quick Facts
1. The member libraries serve over 1.1 million card    
    holders in the Central Ohio area.
2. There are over 4 million items and 850,000 unique  
    titles available to patrons.
3. The member libraries circulate over 20 million items  
    each year.
4. CLC is faster and more efficient in delivery of 
    requested materials.